Why Failure Actually Precedes Success?

Why Failure Actually Precedes Success? – Most people think when they win a particular challenge that is the end of the game. Well, most individuals tend to slumber after a win.

If you asked me I’d say the sooner the change that ideology the better because nothing good comes easy and even after it does come, good things don’t stay forever, they give way for the bad thus the cycle of life continues.

Failure doesn’t precede success because we crave it or design it so, No! Most winners don’t rest after a particular win yet they still fail why? Most times this is due to the fact that more expressing problems meet them and owning to the course that they‘d never been met by such or do not have the right counsel to adhere to, they fail.

A high scholar who finally gets admission into college would expect to glow the same way they did in high school, hence they study but somehow they still get an E or worst an F grade in a particular course not that they haven’t read enough but because they’d actually been met with tasks that seemed more than them.

Often times we expect the next challenge we will face to be as easy as the ones we’d conquered but when they do surface we realize they are more than we envisioned. Life doesn’t always give us what we wish for, so sometimes most failures we face I’d say was fated to be but as Richard Cypher once said “We make our fate” so the idea about fate would sound controversial.

Even though we thus fail, success equally also does precede failure, you should know why. This is because having failed, you understand the pain and shame of failing, the next resolve is to buckle up and try other means.

Why Failure Actually Precedes Success?

Why Failure Actually Precedes Success?

Before the lesson, something must have triggered the failure we encountered on the way. Here is where we actually bring to limelight the purpose of this article, why failure actually precedes success, owning to so many reasons;

1) Overconfidence in oneself

It is usually after the smackdown and you realize you have been busted that the ego gets caught and you become humble. Overconfidence in oneself can make someone fail especially if you’d decided you were too good and did not need help from anybody. Failing would make someone humble and ask help in order to succeed.

2) Ignorance

Many people fail not because they are not smart enough but because they do not understand the modus operandi of whatever they are into. Ignorance can be a big problem especially when it leads to failure.

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3) Mediocrity

A lot of people have the average mind syndrome and as such cannot fly above that ideology they’d stuck themselves with. Once a person fails and discovers mediocrity caused their failure, they get determined to succeed thus they suck up mediocrity.

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