The True Colour of Your Worst Fear

True Colour of Fear – Colour of fear? Does that exist? Well, yes, literally no colours are attributed to fear, unlike red which signifies energy.

It is often said that white colour is the colour of fear because people turn white when they are scared but then, white signifies purity, peace any pure character you could think of, then why is it thought to be the colour of fear?

The True Colour of Your Worst Fear

The True Colour of Your Worst Fear

This is mind-blowing, instead of seeing and feeling great when you turn white, you are frightened, the blood flow in your veins become rigid that causes the paleness. This blots out something that fear robs us of lots as mentioned below;

1) Fear blinds our eyes to possibilities

When you are afraid the only thing you see, feel or hear is, impossibility. Like, it’s not possible, I can’t get this job, I think I’m not good enough, I won’t get into college, I can’t study this course, I’m not brilliant enough, I can’t get married, I can’t find love, I can’t, I can’t, and I can’t.

But, halt! If you could look inside, utilize your fear as an artist does on stage, use the fear to achieve the impossible by challenging yourself to make it.

2) Fear generates failure

A failure isn’t someone who has tried several times yet loses, it’s someone who is always afraid to try. There is no harm in being afraid but when it robs you of the opportunity to excel, trust me, its evil.

3) Fear wrecks

Imagine you hurt someone and you really needed to apologize yet you got soon white, you couldn’t even utter a word. The person may think you are not penitent but deep down you know you are but just can’t express it.

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Or, something happens at the office which is not your fault, you got every right to yell No! It isn’t my fault but you couldn’t because of fear. Gosh! You could be wretched. This is what fear does, it drowns.

4) Fear hinders

You got an audition or that poetic competition but you can’t do anything except whine and whimper in your room because you are scared of losing.

Win or lose isn’t the end, you could get to meet people, change lives, put a smile on someone’s face, be the hero, the heroine. But, you can’t because you can’t even leave your room due to fear.

Fear is actually an inevitable feeling but could be diverted into achieving something meaningful. Imagine a performer on stage, he is so fearful but he could actually use the fear to make his voice sound much more beautiful if he decides, “FEAR WILL NOT RUIN MY MOMENT”

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