When Feelings of Demotivation Engulf You, What Do You Do?

Feelings of Demotivation – Demotivation is a state of not being motivated, not being encouraged to do something. These feelings come almost all the time, most times triggered by events, words, actions while in most cases it’s just random.

When an individual is demotivated, there are certain things to note. First, the cause of their lack of motivation. Second, their next move.

It may be hard to tell why someone is demotivated but by following their next move, it becomes clearer why they haven’t been encouraged to do something.

A kid isn’t motivated in going to class, there could be a cause either the kid has a passion for something else but education or the kid loves to be homeschooled. Following up on what they do during school hours could tell the story.

Feelings of Demotivation

When Feelings of Demotivation Engulf You, What Do You Do?

The kid could either be idle, playing around or causing havoc during that time or could be trying to design or delve into the sphere of his interest or the kid might be reading. These circumstances explain why the kid ditched school.

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Understanding the cause of the demotivation could actually enhance easy answer or solutions to that state especially if a deadline must be met at work yet you are lackadaisical to the task at hand, or the children need a home tutor or you need to study for an exam, you need to go job hunting or you need to lit up the spark in your relationship yet you do not feel incentive to it.

There could be reasons to the way you are feeling, don’t get worked up, simply apply these few keys to getting your passion back on track.

1) Trace the reason for the demotivation

2) Understand why you feel that way

3) Take some time off and give yourself some breathing space

4) Take a walk

5) Visit somewhere cool and inspiring

6) Try to hook with friends and have a fun time

7) Visit the internet, get to see what is happening around.

8) Pick up that task and slowly fix the puzzle in place.

It won’t happen immediately but believe in yourself, demotivation is euphoria, it doesn’t last long. Finally, have fun.

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