The Thin Line Between Success and Failure

The thin line between success and failure – Success doesn’t make you the best neither does failure make you a loser, the issue is usually resilience, the ability to keep fighting.

A wise man once said “Success is a threat because it seduces smart people into thinking they can’t fail” You can attest to that if it’s correct.

Failure, on the other hand, I’d say is a decoy because it stiffens strong men into thinking they aren’t good enough.

The Thin Line between Success and Failure

The Thin Line between Success and Failure

Performing the same experiment three times would be frustrating for some people let alone for 999 times. Well, that thin line between giving up and continuing for the 1000th time by Einstein was resilience and because he wouldn’t leave without achieving the result.

Ever read the Bible? Where Jacob fought the Lord? He wouldn’t let go till he was blessed and he was resilient.

You do not relax after a battle fought and won neither do you quench at the taste of failure. “Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune, but great minds rise above them” Washington living.

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Success doesn’t make the strongest man, strength, and courage in failure makes the strongest man. Even the strongest men fail that you must not forget, the most intelligent men fail too.

When Christiano Ronaldo told his father he was going to be rich, I’m sure the old man only gazed sideways at the young lad, shook his head and went back to doing what he was doing.

Successful people don’t consider the past but they utilize the present to produce a bright future. The little boy followed his dream, through ups and downs, mountains and valleys, glided through waters and land he became the world’s best footballer. I’m sure the journey was long and thick, he kept moving.

The worst part about failing is not falling, it’s about remaining where you fell. “Success is not the end neither failure fatal but the ability to get back up that line is what we are about.

So, what do you think is that thin line between success and failure?

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