What Makes Your Opponent So Relentless?

What makes your opponent so relentless? – The thought of being alone is usually a nuisance especially if you have a contender.

There are always two sides to every story, the main character, and the villain. If the protagonist isn’t ready to lose, how much more the villain?

In life, we always have that set of people who want to see us succeed and well sometimes some who want to see us drop to earth. The fiercer the competition, the bloodier it becomes.

What Makes Your Opponent So Relentless

What Makes Your Opponent So Relentless?

Consider if you work in a company where you have lots of competitors, everyone wants to win, leisure wouldn’t be an option, and everyone would tend to be workaholics to be on the go and win the trophy.

I have met a hand full of unemployed people who are relentlessly job hunting, series of relentless students who’d compete for a first-class, parents who’d want their children to be the best, managers who would suffocate their employees to make their companies the best and trust me all these had one trait in common. They were relentless.

What Makes Your Opponent So Relentless?

1) His Desire to Win? – Sure, a good rivalry would always seek to be miles ahead of his contender. So being relentless could be one way to ensure he or she wins.

2) Passion: – Passion drives success in a way nothing else does. Excelling in a sphere demands passion for that profession, career or entity.

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3) Hate: – Most people get so relentless when they are angry. Think I’m kidding? I watched a movie once, where I heard the young man scream “Hate gives me power” People sometimes need some irrational reasons to trigger their passion and resilience.

4) Fear of Losing: – Research shows that 14% of people who are workaholic don’t work so hard out of love or passion but, out of fear. The fear of losing, the fear of failing, the fear of being labeled a mediocre.

5) Pressure: – Experiencing lots of pressure from family, friends, and society could be suicidal. While most tend to suicide, escape, and shying away, most find strength in the pressure hence become relentless to succeed.

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